Email Archive From Zip Browser

  1. Click “Email” button

  2. Select files you want to email

  3. Click “Send” button

  4. You email is ready to send

Zip Browser. How to Delete an Archive

  1. On “Home Screen” click “Edit” button

  2. Click on red minus

  3. Click on red “Delete” button

  4. To remove all files from application — just click “Clear” button

Zip Browser. Dropbox Integration

Zip Browser (both normal and PRO versions) can work with Dropbox using “Open In…” feature.

To open files from Dropbox in Zip Browser you need to:

  1. Open Zip Browser application;
  2. click on file:

  3. Click on Open In… button

  4. Select Zip Browser

To open files from Zip Browser to Dropbox:

  1. Go inside archive
  2. Click on “Open In…” button

  3. Select Dropbox from menu

  4. You can use same method to work with any other application which supports “Open In” feature.

Zip Browser. Quick Start Instruction. Open Archive From Email

Following will work for Zip Browser and Zip Browser PRO

  1. Inside standard mail application you need to click on attachement

  2. Wait until it will finish downloading
  3. Click one more time on attachement

  4. Click Open In “Zip Browser”

  5. Zip Browser will be automatically opened
  6. You will see content of your archive